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tv   ANSWER Coalition Holds Protest Rally  CSPAN  January 21, 2017 3:18am-7:33am EST

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that they would not be able to come here because of the credentialing process had not been fulfilled. it was catch 22 double and triple over and because we are not kurt seeing i won't say other things but when you think about it, that they tried to ban the media and then we still have 10,000 people who haven't gotten here today because they are behind checkpoints, the trump people are being brought in, we can say with complete sincerity that the government has not lived up to its legal obligations. it is not functioning as a neutral stuart over public lands. these are public lands. they do not have the right to privatize public lands. they do not have a right to ban the people or the media covering the people in public lands. the fact that this has happened the way it has happened is an indication that there is a tremendous contraction of democracy going on and if we don't fight for our rights, if we don't militantly defend those rights, those rights will just be words on a paper and they will disappear and when rights disappear they don't come back easily. they tried to make it that we are invisible. we are trying right now to do a
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proud estimate of how many people we think are here. if you don't go and look, take my word for it, if you look all the way down to seventh street, this is densely packed with anti-trump demonstrators, completely. if you look over here, don't go there, take my word for it, all the way to ninth street is completely densely packed with anti-trump protesters. there are many many thousands of people here, no question about that, many thousands and as we said before, at least 10,000 plus people who didn't get in or they might still get in but are
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not in yet because the secret service is using the checkpoints not as a security checkpoint but essentially a filter to filter out or obstruct or intimidate or make anti-trump people just go away. that is not security, that is a political filter, a violation of the first amendment in essence. if you say you have a right to demonstrate and you got a permit and now that we know you are a legal and peaceful demonstration but the government still creates obstacles so people can't get here, that makes a mockery out of the first amendment, but that said, how many people are here? when you look at this crowd all the way to seventh street and all the way to ninth street and
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here in navy memorial plaza and all the way back with 10,000 we have at least 15,000 people, maybe 20,000 people, this is an amazing turn out. i want to see what the mainstream media says. when we organize a demonstration of 200,000 people right before the iraq war, npr says it is noncorporate media, their story was hundreds protest the coming war in iraq. there were 100,000, not hundreds. when prominent people like michael moore and susan sarandon and thousands of us who are not famous demanded a retraction, a few days later the new york times called and said what did you think about the
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demonstration and i said ask me what i thought about your coverage of the demonstration and they said we don't need to do that, we think you we know how you feel about that. are you doing a retraction? they said let's put it this way, do you believe your demonstration may have been historic, i said yes. do you believe your demonstration may have been the largest since the vietnam war. i said yes. and they put an article that says a historic demonstration, perhaps the largest since the vietnam war took place last week. in other words npr and the new york times took back their stories which were complete lies because we the people put their feet to the fire and demanded
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accountability. absent accountability they will say and write anything. that is why i remind you why i am talking about demonstrators all the way to seventh street and all the way to ninth street and all the way back to 10,000 plus because i guarantee you tomorrow when you read about what we did today, except for pacific exhibit a or c-span because they broadcast live, the other media will downplay what happened here. they will try to say it wasn't very important and what they will emphasize is the fact that some people were arrested somewhere else, to make us look like we didn't actually exist here. that is what is going to happen. so here is the question.
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can we be our own media. can we be our own media? can we be the ones who use any social media platform to actually vigorously tell the truth about what happened here today and what is going to happen? will you commit right now not just get warm afterwards but go and tell everybody on social media the truth, that we are here and the many many thousands, in spite of the obstacles and we are here with pacifica radio which is broadcasting the truth because they are telling the truth, we have to support our alternative media and be our own media. are you ready to be our own media? raise your hand, raise your fist, we will be our own media, we will tell the truth, let's
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get this going. i can't even speak anymore. >> when women's rights are under attack what do we do? when immigrants are under attack what do we do? when muslims are under attack what do we do? when palestine is under attack what do we do? no trump, no kkk, no racist usa, no trump, no kkk, no racist usa, no trump, no kkk, no racist usa, notes from, no kkk, no racist usa. let's get louder. no trump, no kkk, no racist usa, no trump, no kkk, no racist usa, no trump, no kkk, no racist usa.
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all right. we are going to hear some music, let's hear it. or we will keep chanting. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> it is the internet. it is capitalism. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> is this not the best peoples rally you have been to in a very long time? this is how you inaugurate the resistance family. from new york city buses, anyone who wants to come together to head back please meet by the capital one bank. this is only for new york city buses. everyone else, continue to have a good time, organize, network and build. i got to head back to my city, thank you so much for having me.
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when i said them, you say trump. dump >> trump >> dump >> trump. dump. >> trump. dump >> trump. >> the people are out here, thousands of us out here to inaugurate the resistance, say no to the trump agenda, say to the masses of working people in this country we will not accept an agenda that wants to eviscerate women's rights, smash labor unions and worker protection, calls for the privatization of the public sector, we will not allow this agenda to move forward. we are here to demonstrate, we are here to voice our dissents, the world is watching. we are going to hear from
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another speaker. >> puerto rican national party. oscar lopez rivera has been freed. he has been in prison since 1981. chelsea manning was freed. we need all the political prisoners to be freed. so many others but let's welcome the puerto rican nationalist party. >> how are you doing? they are going to be free in may, they were given clemency but we have to be vigilant. we have to keep up the struggle and keep calling for their release and other political prisoners release. puerto rico has had an economy for 119 years so today we don't
7:17 am
get a new president, we get a new dictator. puerto rico has no ability to trade, no ability to make commerce, has been exploited for 119 years, murdered for 119 years. and we keep on the struggle, organized to go into the streets and have a national campaign and international campaign and the government was reluctant to give us that. we have to keep on for puerto rico, for the control board to supersede the local government laws and rules and budget and make decisions, most of the people chosen by the u.s. congress, we have a strong campaign for that. every dollar for puerto rico is
7:18 am
brought here to reinforce the establishment. freedom for puerto rico is freedom for the workers here. we have to unite and keep up the struggle. okay, by. >> we -- correction, oscar lopez rivera has been given clemency but will not be free until may, same with chelsea manning. we demand freedom, and he's not victimizing the fbi, the fbi was victimizing the american indian movement. it was a frame up. leonard is 72 years old, ill, he needs to be set free. we will keep fighting for him.
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so many people in the united states, 2.3 million people in prison. and the united states has 6% of the world's population, 25%. and in the united states, and that is something challenged and fought against. the bankers who torpedoed the economy, cost 9 million families into foreclosure because of wall street greed. how many criminal referrals to the justice department for what the banks did to the economy.
7:20 am
the answer would be 0 not one bank or went to jail. all the banks in the united states have been found guilty for laundering drug money in the hundreds of billions of dollars. wachovia taken over by wells fargo was found guilty of laundering $300 billion in drug money. not one bank executive with the jail, not one, they pay a fine, they charge higher fees and use the money to pay fines but 2.3 million working-class people, disproportionately black and latino in prisons but the other category, america has political prisoners. nobody or very few people, almost no one in the mainstream
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media talks about it but when you have people who are political activists who have been in jail 30 years, 40 years, much of it in solitary confinement like what happened to the angola 3, 40 years in solitary confinement, it is the most cool system and yet you have politicians, democrats and republicans alike who talk about america, the greatest country in the world, we are exceptional. yes, has an exceptionally high number of people in jail and if we want to be an exceptional country we should get those people out of jail because 99% of them should be given jobs, education, a decent income and allowed to return to their families and the communities. the prison system itself is a crime and that is what we have to change. not just about changing donald
7:22 am
trump. we will hear some more music. we want at this point to encourage you, we are going to have -- some music, we want people to file in behind the stage on pennsylvania avenue. we don't know exactly when trump is coming but we have thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of people here, we need to greet him with a militant expression to let him know that we are here and we are not going anywhere. we are going to fight and fight because it is our right and because we are right, money should go to education, housing,
7:23 am
jobs, healthcare, not billionaires. >> expect resistance. we would hear from the party for socialism and liberation. >> hello, everybody. my name is rachel from new york city. i know it is raining, i know it is cold, so personally, my knees are getting week. i want to tell you it is beautiful, incredible what we are doing here today. it is something that shows the people do not want donald trump, not my president. i am here today, because i am a
7:24 am
teacher, i teach -- a lot of teachers. i am a teacher. i teach an afterschool program, when donald trump became president on november 8th i had to have a serious conversation with my students and i said, my students are black, my students are latino, filipino, i had to have a conversation with them. i had to have a conversation, they were nervous, and i said there is a time for fear in the time for action. my students are bold, my students are praised. i am here for them.
7:25 am
the message is they made a banner, those who take it away. speak up for the sake of your future and hours. middle school students, my students said if donald trump comes to east harlem let me tell you what will happen to donald trump. he is not welcome on my streets, not welcome on my block, i came from a similar community. how many people know what that is? it is part of the country where so many of us are forgotten, so many of us don't have jobs, so many don't have healthcare, we had nothing in communities like
7:26 am
mine was a refugee community, america bombed their countries, bond our families countries. that is why we are in the us. because homes were stolen from us. there are no opportunities for us here. there is nothing. we make $5 an hour. in my community, we live in a similar situation. all of my students are wising up. they are organizing. i am so proud of them, just like
7:27 am
i'm so proud of every single one of you who say forget the rain, the cold, it doesn't matter, i need to take a stand and that is beautiful, that is incredible, that is powerful. i will wrap it up, keep it short, honestly it is important to know when we are united and come from different walks of life we say no more, this billionaire class, he is trying to put in seven people with trump's cabinet combined with a $11 million, $11 billion. i talked to my students, what would you do if you were given $1000 a day, feed my family first and tomorrow i will feed the world.
7:28 am
people who have $1 billion, people like trump, the head of education never set foot in public schools. $5 billion her family is worth, people like her don't know what it is like not to have food tomorrow, don't know what it is like to go to school hungry. i would give it away. know what it is like to be hungry. they are making decisions about our country, our people, people in this country when she has no idea what it is like to live that life. i wanted to know this billionaire class don't represent the future, they don't represent the students who are
7:29 am
walking out to say no to trump. they don't represent us so today, we represent us. nobody will do it for us, the democratic party are not going to do that for us. we are showing that we will. we will overcome and we will win. >> we are going -- >> hello, everybody. we are here for one reason, that is to dump trump. when i say -- dump trump! trump! trump! trump! i am carolyn ross a black lives matter, women and children, we
7:30 am
know our children are our future so we have to fight for our children. when i say right to say fight back. c pack, thank you. i have one more chant. this one is step back, we don't need them. we don't need them. step back, we don't need them, all this racist -- we don't need them, step back, step back, we don't need them, we don't need
7:31 am
them, thank you. i represent children and we will fight, mobilize, and say no to trump, he will not treat us like we are nobody because be because we are somebody, thank you. >> protesters will be gathering for another political rally on national mall. scheduled speakers at the women's march on washington include gloria steinem, harry belafonte and cecile richards. live coverage begins at 10:00 eastern time on c-span and >> we found public officials, people who really govern this country, not congress, not
7:32 am
president but bureaucrats, thousands of's and regulations with the force of law and they don't think much of ordinary americans. >> benjamin ginsberg, professor of political science and chair of government study that john top and university talks about his book what washington gets wrong. the an elected officials who actually run government and deceptions about the american people. >> we elect congress, it makes the law, the president executes the law, the courts review the laws but that is not exactly how the system works. not sure what we think of as the law consists of will that regulations written by bureaucratic agencies by bureaucrats who are not elected by anyone, lost for decades. >> sunday on


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